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Are employees cursing more?
Is the boss cursing out the employees?

Business publications are reporting that an increase in profanity in the workplace is considered unprofessional and offensive to many workers. Sometimes it is harmless, but it often creates a negative or hostile environment, can signal sexual harassment, and lead to violence.

1.The Wall Street Journal:
Obscene Talk is the Latest Target of Workplace Ban

2. Investor's Business Daily:
Cuss Control

3. Associated Press:
Companies may soon swear by cussing seminar

4. CIO magazine:
What the #%*$!

5. Employee Assistance newsletter:
Workplace Rudeness is On the Rise

6. Workplace Violence Prevention Reporter:
Vulgar Language is the Workplace May Lead to Violence

7. Training magazine:
What the Hell Do you Mean I Swear Too Much?

8. Teamwork newsletter:
Bite your tongue - Your team may be listening

9. Workplace News:
Swearing by One's Work

10. HR Magazine:
Consultant Swears He Can Clean Up Foul Mouths

11. Financial Woman Today
The Pitfalls of Profanity

12. Navigator magazine:
Potty-Mouth Pitfalls

13. Arizona Tribune:
Author Goes On Crusade to Clean Up Workplace Language

14. Daily Local News business columnist:
Putting an end to cursing in the workplace

15. Employment Today columnist:
Broker's expletives make for a hostile work environment

16. At Work columnist:
Exec's abusive language is unprofessional