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James V. O'Connor, President of the Cuss Control Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois, gives presentations and speeches across the country at conventions, corporations, associations, schools and civic groups. He believes people can earn greater cooperation and respect by communicating with civility. By adjusting what they say and how they say it, they can improve their business and personal relationships, and even find greater peace of mind.

"Cursing feels good, but it sounds bad, and makes you look bad."

Using humor and overlooked common sense, O'Connor states that we need to cope, not cuss. He distinguishes between casual and causal swearing, and enlightens audiences on how both types impact the way others perceive us. He provides sensible tips for taming our tongue that help us communicate effectively, demonstrate emotional control, be more pleasant and professional, and reduce stress.

O'Connor is an author and public relations professional who worked for four Fortune 500 companies before starting his own public relations firm in 1989. He created the Cuss Control Academy in 1998, and continues to do public relations while speaking and writing books and articles.

A typical presentation ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. The cost is $ 1,500 in the greater Chicago area, and $2,500 plus expenses if travel is involved. Presentations and training programs can be tailored to address specific situations, which might affect the cost and the time required.

To discuss or schedule a presentation, call 847-615-5463, or contact us via e-mail.